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Thank you for visiting the website. May you feel and enjoy the trappist’s products in every words you read and photos you see. Satisfy your longingness for delicacies in these delicious and sought-after Trappists’ products.

The lady of the Philippines Abbey, popularly known as the Trappist Monastery, belongs to a Cistercian Order of Strict Observance. The monks live a contemplative life, observing enclosure and silence. They follow the Holy Rule of St. Benedict, so they live under an Abbot and a rule, a life prayer, manual work, and lecto divina or spiritual reading. They are also into agricultural farming in order to support the raw material requirement for the fruit processing activities which started in 1974. Among the company’s products are juices, jellies, jams, dried fruits and mango-based bakery products/ delicacies such as mango biscocho, mango piaya, mango otap and mango bars.

They grow mangoes, cashew, pineapples, calamansi, coconut, corn and rice in the farm. In 2011 the company started producing mango based bakery products/ delicacies such as mango biscocho, mango piaya, mango otap and mango bars, the latest addition to its product line is/are fruit bars.

In order to accommodate its fast growing market, the company sought technical assistance from DOST in upgrading its production and facilities. In 2006 it was able to avail of the SETUP ISSF project where steam jacketed kettle, automatic piston filler with capper machine and printing and pacaking materials for mango otap, mango bars and mango biscocho. Technology trainings and consultancy services were also rendered i.e MPEX, CP, Energy Audit and Food Safety. In 2012, it again able to avail of the SETUP ISSF project where from fill seal horizontal machine and printed boxes was provided.

Throughout the years, from scratch, the company exists and started to grow as one of the leading corporation in the country that produces mango-based product and local fruits. It has also been given different awards for their explicit service and outstanding works such as the Product Excellence Award during Manggahan Festival last 2007, and was recognized during the 2016 Dungog S&T of Department of Science and Technology.

In recognition to the company’s hard work and perseverance that results to the quality and standard products, Trappist has been given an authority to offer the apprenticeship program in baking/pastry production NCII by the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) Guimaras Provincial Office last 2009.

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    Fruit Bars

    Trappist’s fruit bars is a delicious chewy cake filled with tropical fruits such as dried mango, papaya, pineapple and guava.

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    Mango Bars

    Mango Bars is a bursting sweet mango chips filled with tasty butterscotch and sprinkled cashew nuts.

  • Mango Otap

    Crunchy and flaky otap comes in the flavor of mango coated with mango syrup

  • Plain Otap

    Trappist’s plain otap is a crumbling and luscious snacks topped with sugar.

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    Mango Biscocho

    Dried Mango has a mild sweet sour taste that is finger-licking good.

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    Dried Mango

    Dried Mango has a mild sweet sour taste that is finger-licking good.

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  • Trappist Dried Mango

    Guimaras is known to be the home of the sweetest mangoes and we can’t argue with that.

    Generally, mango is a tropical fruit that usually large ovoid or oblong in shape and with a firm yellowish-red skin, hard central stone, and juicy aromatic pulp but for Filipino type of mangos, it is polyembryonic variety enduring great excess moisture. The fruit is more elongated and less colored.

    Mango is rich in vitamin C and has a high content of vitamin A that is perfect for antioxidant. It can neutralize free radicals and provide the body with an extra defensive power against degradation of the cells. Moreover, mango is affluent in B vitamins including niacin (B3) for the proper functioning of the nervous system, skin health and metabolism of fats and pyridoxine (vitamin B6), whose importance is crucial for the synthesis of amino acids, fat metabolism and healthy hair and skin or fluid balance in the body.

    Since guimaras is rich in mangoes, trappist monks is drying it as their traditional way of producing healthy and nutritious food for guests and visitor as well as for their selves. For over years, it was still practiced as part of their lifestyle. Now, from their tradition, we offer you the mild sweet-sour taste, stripped dried mangos of Trappist Food Products as it is now easy to carry wherever and whenever.

    Trappists dried mango are full of fibers, contains high acidity and juicy which was made out of the carabao mango, one of the varities of mangos. It undertakes thorough process to ensure its quality and flavor. Like our dried pineapple, this product are from fresh and natural mangos and doesn’t have preservatives added.

    Try our trappist’s dried mangos, share it with friends and together let’s make memoirs.

  • Dried Fruits

    Throughout history, Trappist has been drying fruits for health and energy benefits. Today, Monastic Food Products produces some of these favorites. You can taste and savor the Philippine sunshine in every bite of our Dried Pineapple and Dried Mango.

    With Trappists’ dried pineapple, all the nutrients and deliciousness of a pineapple can be tasted here. I guarantee you there are no preservatives added in this product because these are pure pineapple fruit that will satisfy your craving. These soft sliced pineapple undergone careful process to ensure its nutrients as well as to maintain its flavor. Trappist’s dried pineapple is easy to carry and friendly fruit snacks that will please you anytime, anywhere.

  • Trappist Juices

    To fully satisfy from the fruits you eat, you have to savor every inch of it. Its juices can tell you how fresh and tasty it is.
    Mango has been one of the sweetest fruits you can ever eat. From its engaging smell down to its finger-licking juices, it’s not a doubt that mangoes were loved by everyone.

    Your favorite mango is now in a bottle. Feel the refreshing taste of real juice extract of Guimaras mango in a concentrate form. You don’t have to feel weak at work or thirsty when having a long-hour trip. Instead, be energized by this fresh fruit juice with a quick source of vitamins with a natural energy boast.

    Assuring you it is a natural juice extract without high fructose corn syrup or artificial flavors. The fruit was carefully selected, produced and bottled right here at the monastery.

    Trappist Mango Juice Drink is the mixture of mango juices, refined sugar, citric acid and Sodium Bensoate. In order to feel the refreshing taste of real mango juice, mix one part of Mango Juice Concentrate to four parts of cold or warm water. Then, stir well and adjust according to your taste.

    On the other hand, you can also try our Trappist Calamansi Juice Drink. Just like our mango concentrate, Calamansi juice drink is a pure calamansi juice extract,was processed and bottled right at the monastery.

  • Trappist Jam and Jellies

    Can you still remember the time where you used to pick fruits such as guava, pineapple, mango and calamansi together with your childhood friends or siblings then cook it to form jams and jellies? The moment where you always rant because these jams are not easy to cook but still you patiently wait because you wanted to have a taste of it.

    Those who are belong to “batang 90s” or older than that can testify to it. Really!! it’s hard to make those delicacies. And now, upon remembering those times, we can say “oh! How I missed my childhood days”.

    When everyone is busy with their lives and their past was covered with new memories, trappist monks find it hard to move on to the life they used to live. From the traditions of making jams and jellies, trappist monks now offer you these delicacies in their natural flavor. The blend of sweetness and tangy feel of these 320 grams of tropical fruits is best to share with friends and families; also will make you remember your childhood memories.

    If you ever happen to be in any of the pasalubong center, malls or supermarkets, don’t hesitate to buy and have a taste of these Trappist’s jams and jellies. You just not have a taste of these scrumptious delicacies but you also get the chance to help the and support the trappist monastery.

  • Mango Bars

    Are you the kind of person in which eating sweets excuses you from stress? Or you’re just the kind of person who really loves sweet foods. Or let’s just say, you don’t like eating sweets but you love giving sweet treats to someone dearest to you.

    Well, if that is what you are looking for, I must say this cute mango bars is perfect for you and for your loved ones.

    With its aromatic smell of bursting mango chips filled with tasty butterscotch and sprinkled cashew nuts, no wonder why Trappist’s Mango Bars is one of the sought-after products of Trappist Food Production. This Filipino cake which was proudly made and processed in Guimaras, the home of sweetest mangoes, is like a coffee cake with a flavoring of biscotti (a hard cookie used to dip in coffee).

    Seeing mango bars, you can assume that it is one of the expensive cakes with so much and costly ingredients. The looks might be classy and exclusive but believe it or not, mango bars is just a mixture of all purpose flour, sugar, butter, eggs, milk, dried mango chips and cashew nuts.

    The packaging is like a high-end snack because of its attracted colors, logo, and the size of the box and the words saying ‘GUIMARAS FINEST’ and that only proves the quality of the product inside it.

    These 10 pieces bar, individually wrapped, in a box are not just only for “pasalubong” but you can also have it at home or a gift for a friend. In Trappist Mango Bars, taking a bite feels like excusing yourself from a stressful life.

Our News

august 29-30, 2017

  • TMFP joins WV Science 7 Technology Week 2017

    Trappist Monastic Food Products is one of the many who joins the Regional Science and Technology Week (RSTW) of the Department of science and Technoloy (DOST)-6 at SM Iloilo City Cyberzone from August29-31, 2017.

    With the theme, “ Science for the People”, Trappist were able to exhibit the products in the Tek-Tienda MSME Product Fair, one of the activities of DOST in their three day event. The products being showcased were the best sellers of the company such as Mango Bars, Mango Otap, Mango Biscocho, Mango Lengua, Mango Barquillos and Jams and Jellies.



    The activity has been an opportunity to show the different mango-based products of Guimaras in the form of trappist baked-products and other delicacies. It is also a big help for the community of monks who has been so supportive in running the company.


    According to DOST 6 Regional director, Rowen Gelonga, the three day event will highlight the science and technology advocacy in the countryside. He also added that RSTW is institutionalized to provide a holistic avenue to experience how S&T works in creating huge impact to people’s lives.


    TMFP was also invited to attend the Regional SETUP Summit last August 29, 2017 in Hotel del Rio, Iloilo City.


  • TMFP holds first basketball league 2017


Under the scorching heat of the sun, trappist’s employees cheerfully wave their flags and balloons as they gathered themselves for a parade, 8:30 in the morning of September 3, 2017. It is such a warm weather to open the first ever Trappist’s Basketball League among the employees of Trappist Monastic Food Products at Guimaras Provincial Gym.
Wearing their new uniforms, players optimistically walk as they cheer their teams with the beat of the drums and swaying hips of the dancers. Six teams participated and eager to win the title as the winner for the first Trappist’s Basketball League 2017.


According to William Umali, General Manager of the company, the event serve as an acknowlegment of the hardwork, support and perseveranceof the employees in the company. Also, it is a channel to strengthen the relationship among them.

“It is the first time that trappist will have a basketball league so to all the players, play well and have fun. This event is for you so enjoy the game”, Umali said in a
welcome remarks.

The participating teams are Hot Shots, Hawk, Black Warrior, Benedictines, Maze and Farm. The game runs every Sunday 1 p.m. at the Guimaras Provincial Gym.


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